Guide to MW2 Special Ops: Echo

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Special Ops
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The 3 Special Ops missions in Echo can be difficult to complete. Her are some tips that will make your way to the last 9 stars much easier.


Echo: Wetwork

I did not think Wetwork was that difficult, but it is one of the longer missions to complete solo. Like most of the missions I recommend to play it with a friend – it’s the most fun and it’s most efficient. If it gives you a hard time, watch this video tutorial:

Do you wanna complete the mission solo, you’ll have to work a little harder for it. I found several video tutorials on YouTube with different approaches to the mission. The one below is reasonable. Remember to cover your back with Claymores, when you pass stairs or doorways the enemy can use as a passage to you. 

Echo: High Explosive

This mission is in my opinion the hardest of them all. Really tough. If you wanna do it fair and square and sprint around in Favela and shot down the Juggernauts, it would probably be an advantage being 2 players. When one shot the other one reload.

But in my opinion the best approach is playing solo and use the trick shown in the video tutorial below:

Echo: Armor Piercing

After completing High Explosive this mission is like a holiday 🙂

If you play solo stick to the Barrett Sniper Rifle. If you play with a friend, each of you take a sniper rifle. It is possible to complete this mission without any hints. But it is a hard nut to crack. The last 3 stars is on stake and you are not gonna get them cheap. If it seems impossible to make it, watch the video tutorial below.

It works both for solo and 2 players. After watching this video I completed the mission solo on the first try. Shot the Juggernauts from a safe distance. If they make it to the ladder, don’t panic, just shot them as their head pops up. They can’t shot you from the ladder.

  1. iv had 8 across map tomahawks and lodes of no scopes on black ops

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    chickens are cool

  3. slinkydk says:

    Hi there!

    I’m glad this blog still is useful for MW2 players.

    As you probably has noticed I haven’t made any guides for quite some time. I haven’t played MW2 for a while and I don’t expect to make any more MW2 guides. If you need more guides or help try visit some of my MW2 links or search WordPress for other MW2 Blogs.

    Thanks for visiting my Blog 🙂

  4. Not to hate but if you want some constructive critism just email me ok. Ill help you write some mw2 guides

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